An update from Israeli academics – Israel at WAR | 8.10.23

Link to a PDF file of this update: Israel at war no academia without democracy

An update from Israeli academics- Israel at war

Yesterday (10/7) was one of Israel's most difficult days: hundreds of Hamas militants breached our borders, leaving behind a trail of devastation.

The ruthless attack claimed the lives of at least 600 innocent Israelis, over 2000 wounded, and saw dozens more cruelly taken hostage. It is a nightmare that has shaken our nation to its core.

In this time of profound grief, our hearts go out to the grieving families who have lost their loved ones. We extend our sincerest wishes for a swift and full recovery to those who have been wounded. Israel's strength has been tested before, and we are confi dent that it will rise above this tragic ordeal.

Thousands of Israelis are fighting now, including numerous students and faculty members. Our hope now is for Israel to navigate through this dark chapter and regain its composure. The pro-democracy protest organizations have been providing humanitarian help (food, clothing, basic hygiene needs, etc.), and many have been recruited to the armed forces to defend Israel.

This is how you can help:
❤️ Donations for assistance to the residents of the South: (English) (Hebrew)

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